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  • La función: Resistente a la suciedad
  • Tipo de: Equipado Caso
  • Marca Compatible: motorola
  • Diseño: Deportes
  • Nombre De La Marca: NTSPACE
  • Paquete De Venta: Sí
  • Características: Camuflaje De La Caja Del Teléfono

Bought for Moto Z2 Force, it turned out that it is the same as for Z2 Play, I.E. From below there is a hole under 3.5mm connector, which my phone does not have. Not really nice, but does not interfere. When trying to shove the phone turned out, that the buttons of the cover are not soaxial and on this the top button of sound or did not work at all or poured and increased the volume. Opened the dispute, the money was returned, the seller did not resist. For the sake of interest I tried to graver to remove the rubber a little, it seems that it turned out, now it works. But the place is quite thin, there is a risk of making a hole. About protection-the corners are well protected, the rubber inside is hollow, which allows better cushioning when falling. The sides are also a little hollow with ribs of rigidity. Behind the camera is completely hidden, but here's the screen is almost flat with a side, a maximum millimeter height of the side. On this screen can suffer when falling, although usually falls on the angle. For the Moto Z2 Force, the problem of detachment of the touchscreen layer is especially relevant, alas, the side can not press its edges.

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